Wicked Witches
A Harvest for Evil
SYNOPSIS: After being thrown out of his home by his wife for being promiscuous, Mark finds himself back at Dumpling Farm, a place of youthful memories and parties, but things aren't quite right. His old buddy Ian, who has never left the place, is possessed by a group demonic, flesh eating witches.

GENRE:  Horror,  
DIRECTOR: The Pickering Brothers
WRITER(s): The Pickering Brothers
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER(s): Martin J Pickering
PRODUCER(s): Martin J Pickering
MAIN CAST: Duncan Casey as Mark Griffth, Kitt Alexander Proudfoot as Stevie McAllan, Samantha Schnitzler as High Priestess, Justin Marosa as Ian Pickering
OTHER/SUPPORTING CAST: Jasmine Clark as Clan Sage, Laura Coleman as Clan Shaman, Terri Bird - Senior Initiate, Emily Pickering as Senior Initiate 2, Yasmin Olds - Junior Initiate, Alice Christina Moy as Junior Initiate 2, Catherine Harding as Bar server Initiate 3
COMPOSER/ORIGINAL MUSIC: Mark Pickering, Mark Ayling, Freddie Lomas, Christian Bovair

FESTIVALS: London International Motion Picture Awards: Winner 2019 Best Int'l Actor 80 Screams International Film Festival 2018: Winner - Best Horror Feature Gorst International Film Festival 2018: Honourable Mention